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Kelowna individuals that are experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, anger or other strong emotions and feelings that are effecting their day to day life can benefit from Kelowna counselling with Kendra Mulgrew.


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Oftentimes couples can face challenges individually or together that begin to effect their relationship and ability to connect and communicate. Working with Kendra Mulgrew, Kelowna Therapist, can help couples overcome these challenges.


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In her Kelowna counselling career, Kendra has worked with individuals and couples to help them identify and overcome challenges they are facing in their lives. See what some of her amazing past clients have had to say!

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Through her own trauma, mental health, and
holistic-wellbeing journey, Kendra has gained experience,
skills, knowledge, and heart-centered wisdom in which
she integrates into her Kelowna counselling practice. As a holistic
nutritionist, trained yoga teacher, meditator, and MSPsych
graduate, Kendra weaves together all aspects of the whole
while assisting you on your journey. Informing her practice
with the framework of Somatic Experiencing and Holism,
Kendra specializes in Kelowna, BC therapy for individuals with trauma,
anxiety, and depression.


Trauma-related issues, such as anxiety and depression, may arise from any experience that causes fear and immobility. This includes hospitalizations, illness, injury, being in tight spaces, abuse, and intoxication. If the body is unable to release excess energy that is activated during such experiences, trauma symptoms result. By addressing the body as well as the mind, Kendra helps you release this stuck energy so that your Whole Self can return to Balance.



I was blessed enough to be able to see Kendra. She offers a beautiful space for you to process what is going on in your own mind, helps you heal, and feel the love and patience for yourself. Every time I left feeling more sure of myself. And most importantly more patient. Could always use another session.



Kendra is powerful and dedicated in her space. She made it easy for me to settle in with her gentle, loving, and truthful wisdom. I am at a loss to find adequate words to express my deepest gratitude for Kendra. I would recommend her to anybody who is ready to journey beyond their edges. This woman is the real deal!



I would recommend Kendra to anyone. She is an expert at creating a warm and accepting space; allowing you to heal and release the thoughts and energies you need. Her calm, reflective nature permit her to pick up on subtleties and guide your conversation and thoughts towards a new direction.


Kendra lovingly accepts and works with individuals and couples of all gender identities, cultures, sexual orientations, and ages.