Healing for Empaths

Healing for Empaths

Are you an Empath? Do you deal with feeling other people’s energy in a way that it is affecting your life and your relationships? Do you have questions about how to deal with being so sensitive? If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, then this program is for you!

What you'll learn:

  • Where the need for healing comes from
  • Psycho-education around trauma and healing trauma
  • Tools for strengthening boundaries
  • Self-regulation techniques
  • How to contain your own energy and not take on others
  • Protection mechanisms
  • Ways of developing awareness
  • Cultivation of equanimity
  • Different types of healing
  • Different types of trauma
  • How to cultivate your Truth
  • How to cultivate balance
  • Ways of being more present

And more!


“Kendra has a deep understanding of mind, trauma, and what goes on behind the scenes in the subconscious. If you have things you need to let go of then you should work with her. Bringing together knowledge, wisdom, and compassion she is on the cutting edge of release-work right now. Plus, she’s down to earth and easy to talk to - the complete support package.”

Will Deroode

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What Does The Program Include?

Program includes: Nine Modules covering topics including trauma healing, mindset, release, acceptance, balance, equanimity, positive coping mechanisms, holistic medicines, the pain body, letting go, Presence, Truth, listening, and boundaries.

  • Nine videos
  • Nine information-dense documents
  • Daily exercises
  • $88-$121 sliding-scale sessions with Kendra.

What You’ll Need

Will Power

  • This course is active. You have to participate in course material and exercises to see the best results.
  • If you are expecting healing to happen passively, this course is not for you.


  • At least 1 hour per module
  • 15 minutes per day minimum for assigned exercises


  • Whether you want too use a word document or a notebook, you are encouraged to journal through out this program.


  • If you’re reading this you have that.


  • You got that covered by default of being born


Regular: $97.00
Introduction Price: $25.00

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