kelowna holistic synergy group
Are you looking to make positive transformation this winter?
Are you ready to go deep with taking your quality of life to the next level? An Inspired and Loving peer-group is invaluable in its capacity to help you along with this pursuit. Become a part of Holistic Synergy Group: Sanctuary, Inspiration, Accountability, Community, Diverse Perspectives on Wellness, Support, Love, and Connection.
Synergy is defined as the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their individual parts. Holistic Synergy Group is just that, a network where our applied synergy allows us to be stronger together. Becoming a member Holistic Synergy Group gives you access to 16 two-hour Holistic Wellness events within 4 months with a wide variety of topics to keep you interested and on track with your Self-Love and Self-Exploration Journey. (Note: Membership does not require you to come to all workshops.)
Keep your mind engaged and healthy while your heart is nourished with Community. If you want to see the deepest level transformation you must invest in yourself: This supportive community will keep you accountable and leave you with that sweet feeling of inspiration to act. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the Top 5 people we spend most time with. Capitalizing on this understanding can be the difference between being on your own or being Supercharged and living it up with a network that has got your back all the way through.
Meetings are Saturdays November 17, 2018 - March 2, 2019 1:30-3:30pm at Rotary Centre for the Arts.
Interested in coming to 5+ events? The membership option is totally for you ($111-222).
Want to come to only a few? Drop-in for $25/event.
Want to support a community member?
Every dollar you pay above $222 goes towards supporting a member to come at a discounted rate or for free. That way we can share the love with everyone.
Invest in yourself by sending an e-transfer to You will be given a receipt at the first workshop you attend.
Meet the Facilitators:
Kendra is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Trauma therapist and educator, trained yoga teacher, and former Reiki Master. She is passionate about holistic wellness and assisting individuals on their journey to embodying their Wholeness and Truth. Visit for more info.
Will is a Mindset Coach and Yoga Teacher with a passion for an embodied understanding of Holistic Wellness. He focuses on Human System Energy Dynamics through Mindset Shifts, Posture-work, Breath-work, Energy practices, Mindful-relating, Diet, Psychology, Meditation and Mysticism
Here is a sneak peak of some our events coming up between November 17, 2018 - March 2, 2019:
~ Five Types of Wellness/Healing + Intention Setting & Breathwork Journey
From cognitive behavioural therapy, to somatic trauma healing, floatation therapy, meditation, nutrition, spinal health, sound healing, mindset coaching, counselling, and everything in between; all therapies and modalities have their own purposes and benefits. We’ll learn the five types of wellness/healing and how each type is impacting your wellness journey. We will then dive into wellness goals, intention setting, and ground these goals into our DNA through a Breathwork Journey.
~ Immunity, Longevity & Vitality + Optional Cold Plunge
Creating simple shifts in different aspects of our life can help us to live with more vitality and longevity. We will take a deep look at what can help us be more vitally alive, including exposure to the elements, diet, herbs, and simple bio-hacks.
~ Clean Eating + Cleansing Simplified
With so many diet trends out there, nutritional health can be overwhelming. Let’s bring it back to the basics as we explore what our body truly desires for optimal wellness. There are so many cleanses out there - which one is best for you? Why cleanse at all? We will discuss different cleanses, the costs and benefits of each, detoxing, and how you can incorporate different cleansing practices into your daily life.
~ Laughter Yoga
The benefits of laughter extend far beyond what you might guess. We will explore half a dozen exercises to get you giggling, rolling on the floor, get you feeling really good, releasing, tonifying, and strengthening. There’s a reason we say laughter is the best medicine. Let’s learn why that is and experience it ourself!
~ A Framework for Understanding Trauma
Trauma - From past-life, generational, emotional, physical, and developmental, it is a fact of life. It is, however, not a life sentence. We’ll learn what’s happening when trauma occurs and what we can do about it now.
~ Mindful Communication in Relationships
By taking responsibility for our own emotions, using empathy, and incorporating mindful communication with active listening, we are able to dissolve many dysfunctional patterns in relationships. We will discuss and practice mindful communication with different exercises so that you can incorporate these new tools into your everyday life.
~ Navigating Emotional Triggers
What happens when we get triggered to feel _________? Whether it’s annoyed, angry, frustrated, confused, or depressed, sometimes our emotion is valid, while other times we react incongruently to the situation at hand. Through group discussion and activities we will learn more about the mechanisms behind these triggers and work towards healing past wounds.
~ Self-Healing with The Nadi Technique
In Yogic philosophy, “Nadis” are subtle nerve channels between the various energy centres in the body. Once an understanding of Nadis is established, we will practice a variety of Nadi techniques which will help restore balance and promote intuitive harmony.
~ Benefits of Meditation for Anxiety, Depression, and ADHD
Holistic Wellness calls for integration of Spirit and Science - Let’s discuss the science of mind-wandering, happiness, and self-referential thinking and then learn how we can use three different Meditation techniques to relieve overactivity in the brain areas associated with Anxiety, Depression and ADHD.
~ Be Inspired + Story Time
We all have a story. This open discussion is a space for everyone to share anything they feel called to. Allow your voice to be heard: Inspire and be inspired to continue walking
~ Q & A + Discussion Wrap up
Have any questions on holistic wellness topics that you want to ask? Either email us your questions beforehand or come with your mind open to allow space for what arises.
+ ELDOA, Sound Healing, Intuitive Art Therapy, Mindful Touch + Huggathon, & Mystery Workshop.