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Sex Therapy in Kelowna, BC

Sex therapy can be for individuals or couples. Any issues revolving around sex and intimacy may be psychological or physical.

Kendra works from a tantra perspective while assisting clients with any intimacy or sex-related issues. The ancient language of Sanskrit defines Tantra as “expansion through awareness”. Developed through ancient eastern cultures of India, China, and Nepal, Tantra is an integrative tradition that involves spiritual and physical aspects of an individual. In combination with psychotherapy, Tantra creates a holistic framework in which to view sexual energy and issues revolving around desire.

Without this sexual energy, there is no life. Sex is not something to be ashamed of or to be thought of as taboo. It is as natural and real as birth, life, death, eating, or reading…Your heart beats and your lungs breathe. The human body is a world to be explored and we are here to explore our experience, both as individuals, and with others.

Diving into a deeper and more fulfilling intimate experience brings many benefits:

  • Greater awareness of self and others
  • Increased vitality
  • Increased creativity
  • A sense of seeing life with new eyes
  • A deeper sense of clarity
  • More groundedness and balance
  • Greater sense of security
  • Increased peace-of-mind
  • Greater awareness of self and others
  • Feelings of satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment
  • Decreased feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness, and loneliness
  • Increased feelings of relaxation and calm
  • Feeling more comfortable in your skin
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased embodiment of your truth
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Due to modern culture, the idea of sex is very obscure and skewed. Whether conscious or unconscious, many individuals are walking around with sex-related traumas. This may be from something as simple as generational or media-related conditioning or a lack of early-life security. This may also be connected to more explicit sexually abusive experiences, harassment, or other types of abuse.

Tantra and sex therapy assists individuals to heal these traumas, whether they are hidden or known:

  • Heal from sexual past
  • Cultivate, nourish, and find balance with sexual desire
  • Release the root source of the problem
  • Embrace your whole self and sexuality

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Did you know...

Adults have attachment needs, which include the need to feel safe, accepted, heard, and respected.


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